We're starting to sound like a bit of a broken record here. But a broken WINNING record! Booyah! Another Seattle distillery has walked away from an international competition with Gold and Silver awards.

3 Howls Distillery came back from the World Spirits Competition in Geneva, Switzerland with the Gold Tasting Award for its Blood Orange Vodka, and the Silver Tasting Award for its Navy Strength Gin.

While the Blood Orange Vodka is a twist on the usual win from Seattle - Washington has been putting itself on the gin map for a while (in fact - stay tuned on this, we've got a piece coming up on just that phenomenon later this week).

The coolest part of this win, other than it being local, is that 3 Howls is a baby - they've been open in SoDo for only 18 months. And of the more than 10,000 brands that enter internationally each year (and only 72 spirits that receive an award) 3 Howls ranked in the only two categories they entered.

Pretty cool. Has the Blood Orange Vodka made you curious? We asked 3 Howls to tell us their preferred way of drinking it. Pick up across Washington state or online, and try out this recipe:

Crimson Fizz

1.5 oz Blood Orange Vodka
.25 oz Campari or Aperol
Topped with Prosecco or sparkling wine in a champagne flute
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