Tasting Notes

Rich amber in color, this spirit is complex and compelling with a bit of the unexpected. Immediately greeted with a nose of warm smokiness, imbibers will enjoy a flavor that surprises and lingers from start to finish, without overpowering the palate. The perfect union of sweet and spice, soft vanilla combines with a hint of honey, wrapped around a light rye spice note. Loosely based off of George Washington's original Rye Whiskey. Our blend is a classic with a twist, features a corn heavy grain bill and specialty beer barley to give it a unique chocolate finish.


We strive to produce unusually clean and distinctly flavorful spirits that come through in drinks without overwhelming. Click on the cocktail photo to see some of our cocktail suggestions We'd also love to hear how you like to mix them. Email us at speak@3howls.com and (if our tasters give a thumbs up) we'll be happy to post it.
Old Fashioned
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